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   Article source:   Release date:2018-1-10

   Article source:   Release date:2017-5-12

  Attendance of special examination employ security - Security and quality of service Article source:Sichuan Rong Wei   Release date:2014-6-6

      To ensure that the company in July 23rd, Jinniu District Wanda Plaza, the security service contract smoothly, my company in July 22nd, the company reserves set spec...

  Chengdu Wanda Plaza building opening temporary guard Article source:Sichuan Rong Wei   Release date:2014-6-6

      In June 23rd ~6 month 28 days, Chengdu Wanda Plaza building opening, the first day of trading volume of 1800000000, Sichuan Rong Wei security department is responsi...

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