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   Article source:   Release date:2017-7-10

   Article source:   Release date:2017-3-10

   Article source:   Release date:2017-3-1

  As a qualified security guards to learn to observe Article source:admin   Release date:2014-6-29

    The method is based on the observation of vital parts warehouse, workshop, vaults, etc., should be the focus of security personnel in the post and the Pirates of the situation obs...

  How safe residential area of property companies to strengthen Article source:admin   Release date:2014-6-29

      Recent public safety issues and concerns often been challenged, we now rely on management experience, and my experience in the human body protective equipment, residen...

  Safety incidents of self-help Tips: In case the attack flee! Article source:admin   Release date:2014-6-29

    Professor of Chinese People's Public Security University, Wang Dawei two IPCC reports, public emergency, should be decisive escape. "Turned and ran, lost luggage desperately to es...

  Bulletproof helmet consultants recommended: counter-terrorism should be carrot and stick Article source:admin   Release date:2014-6-29

      Since the crackdown carried out special operations, Xinjiang focus on a number of criminals, many local people take the initiative to report appeared, molecular self-o...

  Lobby job security techniques and methods of work Article source:admin   Release date:2014-6-29

First, carry out the inspection items.  To see the user to carry out large items, to quickly proactively approached users, politely ask the user to present the release of the goods, "Mr. (Ms.)...

  Self-rescue vehicles after drowning Article source:admin   Release date:2014-6-29

    With the rapid development of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people are buying cars, have some self-help method of drowning aft...

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