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Safety incidents of self-help Tips: In case the attack flee!
Article source:admin           Add time:2014-06-29 23:24:13

    Professor of Chinese People's Public Security University, Wang Dawei two IPCC reports, public emergency, should be decisive escape. "Turned and ran, lost luggage desperately to escape." 
    Wang Dawei remind the bad guys escape to the opposite direction of travel, lost luggage, looking for hidden space, fewer people fled to the direction of the evacuation of the people's police will guide and protect the people. 
How to identify suspicious persons 
    Terror suspects - their faces will not be posted marked, but there are some unusual demeanor, and looked panic, words and deeds abnormal; dress, carrying goods clearly incompatible with their status, or inconsistent with those seasons; falsely claimed acquaintance false gallant persons; in the inspection process, urging checks or arrogant attitude, unwilling to accept the examiner; frequent access to large-scale activities; repeatedly appeared near the warning area; suspected suspects informed the police department. 
    Suspicious vehicle - whether abnormal state of the vehicle outside the binding site and the corners of the vehicle paint colors are the same color, to determine whether the vehicle changed color; car door locks, trunk locks, window glass breakage if there is pressure pry marks; such as lights are damaged or foreign tamponade, the body surface is accompanied by abnormal wire or cord; whether to stay unusual, in violation of the provisions of whether to stay in the important facilities of water, electricity, gas and other crowded places or nearby; whether the occupants abnormalities, such as during the exam, look panic, urging checks or arrogant attitude, unwilling to accept checks; discovered after the police start the vehicle escape. 
Experiencing an explosion how to do? 
    Explosion occurred inside the subway - train pressed the alarm button; rely on the car fire extinguishing equipment; train during operation, do not have sliding doors, smashing windows, jumping and other risky behaviors; evacuation in a tunnel, obey, calm , an orderly evacuation of the door into the tunnel through the front or rear, evacuated to neighboring stations. 
Entertainment explosion - the nearest hidden or lie down quickly, looking for a simple shelter materials cover your body parts and organs important; do not use lighter ignition lighting, so as to prevent an explosion or burning again. 
Shopping malls and bazaars explosion - avoid the attention of makeshift shelves to avoid collapse could cause new damage; attention away from the foot of the article, once fall, you should try to get physically close to the foot of the wall or other support. 
Hijacked by terrorists how to do? 
Stay calm, do not resist, no TV, no dialogue, lying on the ground, the action to slow; possible to retain and hide their communications tools in a timely manner to mute the phone to the police (110) for help in a timely manner by way of SMS, SMS main contents: location, number of hostages, the terrorists themselves, such as the number of lies; observe the number of terrorists, chieftains, easy afterwards to provide testimony; initiate an instant assault on police, lying on the floor as much as possible, from the scene of the police cover.
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