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How safe residential area of property companies to strengthen
Article source:admin           Add time:2014-06-29 23:25:42

      Recent public safety issues and concerns often been challenged, we now rely on management experience, and my experience in the human body protective equipment, residential security methods can be arranged from five small areas, promotion of security level of progress residents a sense of security. 
      The first, launched a comprehensive investigation of security equipment. Urging all property and equipment companies expand residential security equipment, surveillance equipment specifically is self corrective tasks, focusing on introspection air defense, anti-technology, anti equipment and management flaws, find topics for timely filing to the Small Business Committee, discuss improved methods and records on file. After self-examination task is completed, the focus of introspection monitoring equipment equipment, door post on duty, night patrol, a large number of migrants out of the cancellation of articles and other conditions, and urged rectification, the rectification is not in place of the property will be publicized corporate misbehavior and project manager for the credibility of the files buckle of disposal. The physical defense equipment, for expired, invalid, damaged equipment (stab-resistant vests, riot gear, riot helmets, rubber batons, fork, etc.) to immediately update and re-purchase, while stocks should be prepared for a rainy day. 
      Second, the task of guiding the owners do to raise public equipment and property maintenance special maintenance funds. According to the rules of property management related documents, the district public demand for equipment and equipment repair, change, repair, change the resolution expense after the talk, equipment maintenance fee charged from Volkswagen owners pay an annual general meeting of the Owner, and stop the annual financial publicity, bear owners monitoring. Thus, the owners want to change the concept of guidance, timely payment of public equipment maintenance, repair parts to ensure the district public expense has fallen, to ensure the successful launch of the repair works. 
      Third, urging enterprises to further perfect each property security methods and systems. Refinement of security responsibilities, rewards and punishments checking and other related rules and regulations to implement the obligations synthesis, specifically to strengthen the nighttime inspection efforts, awareness and vigilance of security staff obligations recognize progress, severe governance, strict checking. At the same time, strengthen governance foreign vehicles, rental households, event staff, strict implementation of foreign staff, a large number of items, cancellation system foreign vehicles, and enhance cooperation within the district Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of rental households, foreign staff to track the activities of governance, it is progressive community security degree. 
      Fourth, active and public security, community - District linkage, give full play to the role of prevention and treatment. Urging all property companies and property management supervisor at contact time with the local police station, targeted to collect social security audio, static, and residential property owners to be able to grasp the detriment of peace latent risks, recover in time to the residents' warmth Report - shows ", promoted to national self-awareness of peace preparedness. In Shenzhen can strengthen ties and cooperation with Shenzhen days of Gean Security Technology Co., Ltd., the company has 17 years of professional experience in the human body protection, can make a complete property company, applicable and effective security solutions to effectively enhance the property the company's safety and security. 
      Fifth, strengthen the industry regulator, the security situation in the district included verification form. Separation Street Station daily property management evaluation and District Housing Construction Bureau annual analysis evaluation request, the security situation will be included in the main plot checking, selection form, and community policing governance and the old district grants, prospective property release grant funds indirectly linked, give full play to subsidies encourage and leverage funding, prompting the security level of residential property business promotion. 
      I was anti-Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. days of Jiean protection of human experts, professional create a safe, secure love life!
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