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As a qualified security guards to learn to observe
Article source:admin           Add time:2014-06-29 23:27:24

    The method is based on the observation of vital parts warehouse, workshop, vaults, etc., should be the focus of security personnel in the post and the Pirates of the situation observed fire hazard. 
1 observation of doors: Note discover whether the doors and windows broken open, door locks had been broken, seal off, and climb into the seal broken traces, etc.; 
(2) the observation of transmission lines: Note whether the lights suddenly went out, wires mayonnaise fire, thunderstorms or without the line breaking down, etc., in case of fire; 
3 observation of suspicious signs of: attention should be focused sound, morphological changes, fire smoke, toxic spills, etc., take listen, watch, smell methods, listen to any abnormal sound, to see whether the fire smoke, sniff without exception odor possible trouble. 
4 observe suspicious persons or events. Also frequently between people who can remember the way, you can see bad intentions between strangers. 

Also note that check all aspects of 
An examination of the company's employees: the security of the company's employees to respond timely to make checks out to prevent the company's financial outflows during the inspection staff to use politely indicate the initiative to produce and package goods inside pocket. Require employees only wrapped with transparent access to non-active initiative to search and search package, the staff polite speech, language use, such as "please" and "thank you"; Connaught find employees steal company receives goods or unconsciously checking with superiors to immediately Manager. After work without good reason not to enter the hotel; case of staff assault case should immediately stop and return to the higher authorities. 
2 Check for the resignation of personnel: To understand the situation promptly resigned officers, employees received a notice of termination of personnel, non-legitimate reason to prohibit entering! Go for the resignation of employees brought items to check before signing. 
3 suspects 
Should always be alert to the occurrence of unexpected events do security work, the most easily observed anywhere (but should grasp the scale) 
4. Handling of emergencies 
If people want to make trouble with the manager on duty to deal with incidents; encountered endanger the guests and staff personal and property safety incidents timely warning
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