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Company profile

    Sichuan Rong Wei security services limited liability company is the first by the Provincial Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau of southwest area approved the establishment of the security company. Founded in 2005, the company from the general manager to the staff are from the army engaged in security work of professionals, including senior management staff more than 30, formed a united and pragmatic, be enthusiastic and press on leadership, and trained a team of nearly 200 demobilized soldiers consisting of dedication, pioneering and enterprising professional special guard. And security, the security service professional lecturer of more than 10, more than 2000 people's security team, professional security team of more than 1000, 5 branch companies, 1 technology company, has also developed a more mature security market. The company registered capital of 5000000 yuan, and in 2012 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the permanent council unit Sichuan Province security association, actively assist the security association to carry out related work. Our company also invites famous domestic and foreign security experts to lecture, the company all staff knowledge of safety equipment and sophisticated. 

    The company security officer is serving the Chengdu Railway Bureau under the jurisdiction of the train station security work, distribution, Chongqing, Chengdu Guiyang etc., among them, most is screened from the relevant professional counterparts through school, professional etiquette, instructor, teacher knowledge, the training of standardized management, obeying militarized, and select out of the professional personnel through the examination after the appointment process card.

    The company's special personnel are selected from the land, sea, air, special forces, the SWAT team recently retired officers and members have higher comprehensive quality of excellent demobilized soldier, and every special personnel into the training base must enter the company specializes in pre after high intensity, high standard, professional three months training, standardizing the management subject to military, let them during this period to regain the military bearing, and work through the completion of fighting, including military, business etiquette, computer application, laws and regulations, domestic service, emergency medical treatment in a total of 18 specialized and comprehensive quality training course assessment before.

    The company for the society, enterprise to provide professional, safety and prevention services paid, is to assist the public security organs to maintain social order, control and reduce auxiliary power illegal crime, for personal safety, safety check, large-scale exhibition, large show field, social place and a private house transportation security service, technical prevention, on-site security task professional security service company.

      The company is committed to build: Civil and military, Zhiyong both ability and furniture, style, etiquette, rich knowledge, a senior security service personnel.

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