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Safety Service

       Major service company security officers in Chengdu Railway Bureau under the jurisdiction of the railway station, located in the southwest of business provinces and one city, including Sichuan, Guizhou, Chongqing Municipality. Our security services outsourcing model for the country's first security services, security work is highly recognized by the Chengdu Railway Bureau, Chengdu East Railway Station security is competing as a national railway security benchmark study tour, has greeted the Shanghai Railway Bureau, Guangzhou Railway Bureau, Urumqi Railway Bureau Bureau study tour. Our security staff is most professional counterparts from the relevant school screening, then managed by the teacher paramilitary base in professional etiquette, industry standards, industry standards and other related knowledge of its targeted training, obedience to the militarization of standardized management, and selected after evaluation by professionals to get permits for employment. In the increasingly tough anti-terrorism riot situation, the security services as the company oriented service industries, are highly valued and relevant departments of the company, the job is executed, "the name of Air standards" in the selection of managers is more superior in merit, promotion elimination mechanism clearly. At present, our company security services are plugged excellent management team and professional standards of service which plump wings, fly high!

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