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Special Services

       Spy service company can provide you with the highest standards of practice occupational Tyvek executive officer. We are adhering to the "professional, innovation and excellence," the service concept, to individuals, businesses, institutions, organizations activities can be comprehensive and professional services to provide special security guard. We gathered a selection from the sea, land and air, special forces, armed police forces retired non-commissioned officers and members of the outstanding professional soldier with higher overall quality, has a professional team of Tyvek. Each Tyvek players must enter a pre-employment training base for the company's professional three-month high strength, high standard, professional training, obedience to the militarization of standardized management, through the completion of martial, business etiquette, computer applications, legal after a total of 18 professional assessment and the overall quality of professional training courses before taking regulations, including medical emergencies.
      The professional air defense, anti-technology, anti-matter, training in one set, according to the different needs of customers, tailored personalized Tyvek services. For all types of client needs, comprehensive plan to protect the quality of service, can be effective in preventing major events (such as: large star concert, fan meeting, exhibition, international auto show, etc.) appear mass incidents, accidents can occur for The first time to protect the person and property against protected persons subject to personal injury and property damage. Provide corporate, business executives and celebrities globalization dignitaries and senior security consultant services of security guards throughout the program to protect entrepreneurs, celebrities and artists, families, businesses, personal and property security team, and can effectively protect business and personal good image for enterprises and individuals to enhance positive social image play a strong role. We "novel philosophy, keen observation angle, professional Tyvek service skills" are committed to doing every professional, personalized Tyvek security services!

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